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Jan 13th 2015

In recent news of a controversial advert by Sunday Style magazine that used one of our campaign images of babe Kim Wainscoat (Chadwicks) shot by Greg Lewis, AC Intimates is proud to help clarify everything the brand is about, including those ‘scandalous’ images.
2015 is set to be a big year for our label, with a new campaign and collection about to launch, many upcoming projects and collaborations, and growth in general of business operations.

AC Intimates takes pride in what the label and team behind it stand for. A label about cool girls’ top drawer little bits. The ‘now’ girl. We’re all about our social media, and it’s vibe, about pushing the boundary kinda pictures, Sunday rolling lacey bits and how we all wear them. A new age of media, of photo sharing, living our own lifestyles in which ever way we may choose, wearing what we want and how we want, accepting our image and respecting others perception of our world.

After many a reported Instagram photo we’re not shy to the fact maybe our view and the pictures we take isn’t for everyone. Certainly as the image used by Sunday Style magazine may of proved! We do though think it’s important to show our full support to the wonderful industry members who helped produce wonderful campaign images like those, and who we will continue to work with in the future.

Here’s to celebrating many more pictures and adventures, of the young and fabulous lives we’re riding through.

  • India Fincher says...

    I saw on your Instagram that you posted about wanting interns, a position that I am extremely interested in. I’m studying a diploma in fashion business and the opportunity to intern for acintimates would be amazing.
    Regards, india.

    On Jan 13, 2015

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