BTS of the BOYTOWN campaign

BTS of the BOYTOWN campaign

Ever wondered what it takes to get to those final glossy campaign images that brands use for a new collection launch? Well if that brand is AC Intimates, it involves a weekend in the south west wine region of Australia, with a few good mates, a baller house on the Margaret River, a yoga sesh before dinner (burrito bowls of course), and a good glass of red. Oh, and we also have a really big day in between all of that, from sunrise to sunset shooting a collection that we hope will be a big success come summer time. Take a trip down memory lane with us, as we walk you through the behind the scene iPhone snaps that captured what was the campaign shoot for BOYTOWN back in October 2016.

Our campaign photographer Greg Lewis captures the properties surroundings before shoot day. Greg has shot every single one of AC Intimates campaigns since we launched a few years ago.

Brand founder and designer Aimee Kendall takes a moment with hair stylist Jaimme Lee (who has also been with us since day dot), after checking out our shoot location, and mapping out the scenes for the next day.

Yup, we know, wow. This was home for 2 nights for our hard working team, and where we shot the campaign.

Make-up legend Ashley Brockman was in charge of the beauty direction for the shoot. We started with a glowy skin finish and glossy pink lid, and then moved onto a dramatic winged eye to finish the day.

Meet Pia Cattapan (Chadwicks). This gorgeous lady had flown in the night before from Melbourne to WA, to shoot with us.

J-Lee touches up hair, and one of our two studio assistants we brought with us on the trip, Marly (Sharon not pictured) rearranges the classic Elle bralette.

Quick fitting with Pia before we start the day. 

BEAUTY! J-lee and Ash were running around all day long touching up hair and MU, constantly evolving the look to move with the story of the shoot. 

Red dirt everywhere- welcome to Western Australia.

Finding little moments, and every corner of this beautiful big home.

The location that just keeps giving and giving. Rose beds, red dirt, sand washed natural walls, infinity lap pools, velvety fields that overlooked the Margaret River, and glimpses of the surf in the background.  

The final shot as the sun goes down!

ACI team (minus Ash!).

And that's what we call a wrap. It was a big dinner and a celebratory drink down at the local pub, before an early night for what was a team of very hard working, tired humans.


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