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At Aimee-Cherie Intimates we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices across our business. While they may not yet be perfect, we are dedicated to constantly improving how we operate our business and production, and on educating consumers on this process.

Aimee-Cherie Intimates is owned and operated right here in Melbourne, Australia. For 8 years we have designed, pattern made, sampled, produced and dispatched from our studio.

While we work towards being able to be accredited we ensure safe and ethical practises are maintained within our studio and the people we work alongside. Our studio where we produce half of our range has good natural light and windows in a large space which is temperature controlled. We use safe practises on our machines, when cutting fabric and notions or dying elastics.

While we love being in the studio (it truly is our happy place working on Aimee-Cherie Intimates), we try to ensure a work/life balance. The better rested and clear minded we are, means we can ensure we’re creating the highest quality of garments each day.

We’ve been working for years with the same small group of suppliers. Some of these are located off shore in China or Latvia, and others are local business we’re very happy to be able to support. As we cut everything in house it means our fabric wastage is very minimal, and we keep this in mind when designing new intimates. Often one type of lace or fabric is used for multiple different designs. Since our pieces are on pre-order it means we can order our fabric in small controlled quantities and not risk large left over wastage at the end of a season. Over the years we’ve managed to gage pretty well just how much we’ll need but we like to be sure still.

Packaging is a big thing we’ve been working to improve over the years. We enjoy packaging each order to send to each of you and want to ensure the entire experience is meaningful. No plastic is used in our packaging, and all paper and cardboard is recycled.

Just recently we’ve switched to No Issue compostable postage bags. These break down in your household compost bin. There is now even less wastage in our packaging process to be sent to landfill.

Your Aimee-Cherie Intimates pieces have been designed and sewn by hand with careful precision and thought. While they are delicate and pretty, the design is classic in cut. They are pieces made to last you for years when cared for carefully. The adjustable straps will evolve with you over the years when your body fluctuates and reduces the need to purchase more that may end up in landfill. We don’t follow fast fashion and heavily promote slow fashion production. We ask consumers to consider clothing options that are meaningful to them, and hold value. Something they’ll treasure and enjoy wearing, and having as part of their wardrobe- their lives. When we choose our clothing with more intention we lessen our wastage.

We know we’ve worn our Aimee-Cherie Intimates for years on end, and many of you have too. Sometimes the elastic straps can loose their elasticity after a long period of time and may need replacing. Please get in touch with us if yours need replacing. We’d love to do this for you rather then you disregarding the entire piece.

Remember your Aimee-Cherie Intimates only need to be hand washed in cold water with a small amount of a mild detergent. Try to choose a detergent that is natural and/or friendly to the environment. Your bralettes in particular will need less washing if you can hang them up to air overnight in between wears or use a small spray of fabric freshener. They don’t need to be washed with every wear, and this will lengthen the longevity of the intimates and elastics.

Stay tuned as we continue to improve our sustainability efforts.