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A letter by Aimee.

A letter by Aimee.

Just last week I was made aware that TOPSHOP have been selling a piece in store that highly resembles the work by our brand Aimee-Cherie Intimates. Our Romy One Piece that we officially released to the public on the 28th of February 2016 (and had been designing for a period of time before that) had been imitated by the retail chain.

This is by no means is the first time I have come across copied designs not only of AC Intimates but of course many other independent artists. Though this time it caught me on a day when I decided I’d had enough and didn’t feel like sitting back and feeling flattered by the imitation.

My brand Aimee-Cherie Intimates was born and nurtured by the whirlwind that is social media, in particularly Instagram. And while I owe much of our successes to the platform I also understand it leaves us wide open for large corporations such as TOPSHOP to easily find and copy our work.

My closest friends and family have certainly heard me whinge over the years when something our team has spent months planning, designing, and executing is ripped off. I understand it’s a big circle of life within our industry. But today I decided after receiving much support from all corners of the world that I should speak up a little louder and use those platforms that have given so much to our brand.

It is an utter slap in the face to the young artists and budding entrepreneurs to have their work constantly and so blatantly copied by these major retailers. They do it knowing these young artists won’t have the means to defend their work or business. It is creating a culture that places no value on ethical or sustainable practices. Many can’t comprehend why an independent work costs sometimes three times more than a major chain stores. The growing culture is one that ignores a quality garment that has been produced in a smaller quantity and will not be replaced by a new collection within a week.

I don’t get any greater joy then when a customer or follower from our small brand receives their order with much excitement. Or when I can look back and see the small bounds we have made over the years. And in the last few days when complete and utter strangers reached out to let us know they share in our values. It has been so very rewarding to see our little community grow.

So thank-you. Thank-you a thousand times over. For continuing to support small business. For encouraging me when I get beaten down by things like this, and taking the time out of your day to email, message and write to us. Trust me when I say none of it goes unnoticed, and every little bit of it motivates myself and my teeny tiny team to work harder in what we all believe in.

Founder of Aimee-Cherie Intimates

One Piece by TOPSHOP

ROMY One Piece by Aimee-Cherie Intimates

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7th anniversary donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

7th anniversary donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.



It’s upsetting that this kind of thing happens. I have so much respect for you as a female business owner. Thank you for speaking up. Thank you for your beautiful designs. And that topshop rip off is not even half as beautiful as your piece. So much love to you, Bridget


Fantastic that you’re shining a light on this appalling behavior by such a huge brand, in such a professional manner.


Your peice has much better symmetry, shape and there’s clearly ten fold more thought put into the design – fabric and way it will sit on a woman’s body. Cheap imitations never beat the real thing!


This kind of this happens WAY to often it’s absolutely disgusting

Rachel Borrello

Totally back every word here, you know I do. All the hard work that goes into concepts all the way through to sourcing each little component to ensure your end product is magical. It’s like a big kick in the face and it’s exhausting. You’re standard is incomparable and no company will ever be able to take that away from ACI. We’ve all got your back! x


Profit driven corporates with no moral compass are ruining our world. Maybe we can start a bombardment of their social media.
Don’t let it get to you Aimee. Style and quality win the long game.


WA owned and supported, best local brand/ Australian brand xx I support you


WA owned and supported, best local brand/ Australian brand xx I support you


I just saw this imitation in topshop today in London and immediately thought of you! Horrible quality, nothing will compare the AC intimates


Let’s get this all over the web! They’ve done this to so many designers. The ones who win are all over twitter etc let’s spread the word and bring them down!

Yi Lin T

You should definitely voice it out! This is so not cool (and very damaging to independent artists/small businesses) of those big corporations.




Aimee!! So glad you brought this to the publics attention and confronted this situation. Youre creations have been copied for so long and so many times enough is enough. That style was clearly a signature style to your brands new collection and anyone can see how unfair it is that this chain store has done this. Maybe a petition or something should be done to defend your company and take on Topshop. I think with your following youll have lots of support. Worth a try. You could be a further inspiration for other small homegrown brands that are bullied by these large corporations.

Keep working hard boss girl ?

Pat garner

Glad to see you fighting back. Your pieces are wonderful and destroying these thieves would be delicious.


I support you 100%! ****


I literally saw it the other day thinking that, i support 100%! Keep doing you

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