Lace Pieces
Lacey delicates definitely are not machine friendly. That means no go on the washing machine, the tumble drier, and the iron isn’t going to be much fun either.
We recommend a quick spritz of a fabric freshener every few days like ‘Mr Blacks’ for bralettes. And then when you feel they need a proper wash, it’s best to hand wash in warm water with a soap that isn’t too harsh. Never leave your pieces to soak, as the elastics will stretch.
Towel dry the moisture out, and then dry flat.
Remember these little pieces of heaven are super delicate in nature and too much rough handle is going to not going to help your garment last long.

Cotton Pieces
Yep, they’re super comfy, but when it comes time to wash your cotton intimates, make sure you remember they need to be washed in a delicates laundry bag if they’re going in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. Never tumble dry or iron them, as the elastic will deteriorate.
Silk Pieces
The silk sets are fun to roll around bed all day in, but to keep them in tiptop shape there’s a few simple care rules.
Never ever put them in the washing machine, and never ever ever ever put them in the tumble drier. It’ll be the last you see of your pretty Sunday bed best.
We recommend hanging your set to air in a bathroom after a steamy shower with a quick spritz of some fabric freshener.
When it really, really needs a clean though take your delicates down to your local dry cleaner. The 100% silk sets are best washed up there!
- AC Intimates cannot take responsibility for any garments that are ruined or damage due to poor care in washing and handling. -